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What Are the Different Kinds of Restoration a Masonry Contractor Works On?

Masonry restoration can be performed on both modern and historical structures. The need for repairs can be for various different reasons, such as the elements, seismic movements, bad workmanship, and neglect. While the need for restoration is generally apparent, it is crucial to first speak to a masonry contractor, regarding the extent of the damage, what caused it, and how best to rectify it.

The kind of restoration will greatly depend on the age, condition, and location of the structure in question. Historical buildings need to be handled differently from most modern buildings and structures. In areas of frequent seismic activity, a totally different masonry repair method will be needed. A professional masonry repair expert will choose the best method.

The most common restoration is repointing and tuck pointing. These two are sometimes thought to be the same, however, they are not. Repointing means filling in gaps due to damaged mortar joints, and tuckpointing involves replacing the mortar that has deteriorated with new mortar.

In both cases, the look and strength of the existing mortar will need to be considered first when preparing to apply new mortar. As the new mortar must bond to the existing masonry and not create any undue stress which will cause it to crumble or flake. The finished work must be consistent and appealing in appearance, something that only a professional masonry service provider can ensure.

Replacing and resettling masonry is restoration which is done to see to loosened, broken or damaged units. Damaged stones and bricks can be resettled using new mortar or can be replaced using other old bricks or stones. However, if similar old bricks or stones are not available, new ones which are similar to the originals can be used. Regarding historical buildings, only old bricks or stones can be used. Today’s production methods are different from how the earlier materials were made and this could affect the structural integrity of the building.

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