Pools and Pavements

Masonry Construction Ideas for Pools

Playtime at the pool brings some of the fondest memories. If you are thinking of giving your kids wonderful pool moments, invest in masonry construction – a backyard pool. Start with the masonry of your pool patios and pavements. Here are some ideas worth investing for.

  1. Chess-Pool

Make your concrete pools look smart with chess-inspired masonry. The two-toned masonry only requires two contrasting colored tiles. You can cover the walls and sides of the pool with black and white tiles. On another hand, you can have big slabs of red and sand-colored brick slabs for your pool sidewalk.

  1. World’s Edge Pool

This is best when you have a level of pool in your background. Think of a stair of pools. You can arrange your masonry contractor to work with stone slabs for the inner walls and floor of your pool, and glass for the outer wall of the pool. The glass wall gives the effect of an endless pool of water.

  1. Oasis in the Desert

The secret of accomplishing the hardscaping for these kinds of concrete pools is to place a lot of green. Potted green plants should surround your pool. The sidewalk should be covered by sand or sand-colored stone slabs.

You can also surround the pool with grass and moss, along with plants in clay pots. However, the pavement around the pool should depict a sand imagery.

It is also best to have sand pillars erected all around your oasis-inspired pool.

Whatever pool designs you can think of, it is wise to have a reliable masonry construction contractor to carry out your designs. Make sure that they can procure the right materials or alternatives. As much as possible the tile or stone texture and color should come close to your ideas.

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